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Assessor's Office

The Assessor's Calendar

The Assessor’s calendar goes from July to July.

The Assessment and Exemptions as of July 1st determine two property bills.

The first bill is the school bill which is normally printed in August and due October 1st. The Exemptions which might apply on this bill are:

  1. Ag Exemption
  2. Low income, disability or senior
  3. Enhance or Basic STAR

The next tax bill that is generated is the Town and County combined.

It is normally printed in December and due February 10th without interest. The Exemptions which might apply on this bill are:

  1. Ag Exemption
  2. Veteran Exemption
  3. Low income, disability or senior
  4. Clergy

Assessment Review Forms

Exemption Applications

  • Clergy
  • Farm Building and silos
  • Farmland
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Persons with disabilities and limited income
  • Seniors with limited income
  • STAR (School tax relief)
  • Veterans
  • Available on NYS Website

Note: The Income for Seniors over 65 of age is established by the State and normally goes up each year as of 2017 the Adjusted Gross less any IRA distributions is $86,000.00. Please check each year with the Assessor’s Office to see if the amount has changed.


  • Large scale maps available for review showing property boundaries.

Property record cards

  • Property cards contain inventory of each parcel for review.


  • Equalization Rate for 2022— 74%
  • For any information on any of the items listed above please feel free to call 964-8748 or stop by our office.

Assessment Information

Click on the Assessment Rolls folder to see all Assessment Roll documents.