Ethics Board

Ethics Board

On January 6, 2006, the Town Board re-instituted the Board of Ethics. In December 2007, the Town Board approved a Town Law revising the powers and duties of the Board of Ethics and appointed a nominating committee consisting of members of local service organizations to nominate members to serve on the Ethics Board. The resulting five-member board, named below, is empowered by Chapter 10 of the Code of the Town of Hamlin. Specific powers and duties are:

  1. The Board of Ethics shall have the powers and duties prescribed by Article 18 of the General Municipal Law and shall render advisory opinions to the officers and employees of the Town of Hamlin with respect to Article 18 of the General Municipal Law and the Code of Ethics of the Town of Hamlin. The Town Board may direct specific requests for advisory opinions to the Ethics Committee.

  2. The Board may also, on its own initiative or on the initiative of its own members, consider any complaint or allegation of conflict of interest on the part of any officer or employee of the Town of Hamlin. All such complaints or allegations are to be kept in the confidential records of the Board. Should the Board determine that there is apparent merit in the complaint or allegation, it shall send a written invitation to the officer or employee so charged to appear at a private meeting of the Board and explain the apparent conflict of interest. Should such officer or employee fail to appear in response to such invitation or should he appear and fail to satisfy the Board that there is no conflict of interest, the Board shall send a written report on the matter to the Town Supervisor. The report shall not be made public except by the Town Supervisor or by the unanimous vote of the Town Board.

  3. In addition, the Board may make recommendations with respect to the drafting and adoption of amendments to the Code of Ethics of the Town of Hamlin.

  4. The Board shall hold an annual organizational meeting at which time the members shall elect a chairperson and shall promulgate its own rules and regulations as to its forms and procedures. Copies of all rules and regulations promulgated by the Board and any and all amendments thereto which may be adopted from time to time shall be filed with the Town Clerk. The Board shall maintain a record of its opinions and proceedings.


Dr. Joseph Lancia (Chairperson)
Peg Leverenz
Dan Updike
Bunnie Beardsley
Ralph Preston

Submission of Complaints or Allegations

Submit (mail or hand carry to the Town Clerk) the adobe, pdf, application-24943.jpg Complaint Form (8 KB) in a sealed envelope to:

Chair, Board of Ethics
Town of Hamlin
1658 Lake Road
Hamlin, NY 14464

On the form, please refer to the adobe, pdf, application-24943.jpg Standards of Conduct (9 KB), and cite the article which best defines your complaint or allegation. Complaints will be reviewed and considered in accordance with adobe, pdf, application-24943.jpg Board of Ethics Complaint Procedures (14 KB).

Questions regarding the establishment of a new water district:

Call the Town Supervisor at 964-8981.