About Me

Hamlin resident for over 25 years
Married to Kim, my wonderful wife and raising our five children.

Attend St. John's Lutheran Church actively
Teaching our kids to care by volunteering for many different events whenever possible.

Just a Few Goals and Accomplishments

To create an open, honest, inclusive and transparent government. We serve the residents, the government belongs to them.

To restore the Highway Department and their budget for maintenance of roads and our town. Maintaining, repairing and replacing our infrastructure is important to our current residents and is vital in attracting new residents and businesses to our Town. The Highway Department is the backbone of our community.

To treat every tax dollar with fiduciary responsibility as every tax dollar is precious. As elected officials we need to be excellent stewards of that money.

To be fiscally responsible when spending tax dollars and appropriating funds. To put into place protocols and policies that completely address the concerns of the Office of the Comptroller.

To repair the divide the has developed between the Town Board and the Support Boards.
To protect our special resource we have in our shoreline. It's one of the things that makes our Town so special and unique. To keep certified records at no cost to the Town as to help reduce costs for lakeshore residents, such as flood insurance. I will work to maintain the character and protect the property rights of lakefront residents.

To establish stronger ties with our larger communities of Monroe County and New York State. We need to re-establish relationships that the Town has previously enjoyed.
I have a special affinity for people who work the land and want to preserve and support our agricultural heritage.

To lead the Town into the future while being mindful of the past.

Past Hamlin-Kendall Water Superintendent for 2 1/2 years. This gives me experience in preparing budgets, disbursing funds and knowledge of proper policies and procedures. I have over 18 years of municipal service.
Over eleven years of employment with the Town of Hamlin, on call 24/7 to handle everything from water and sewer issues to plowing snow.

When I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force committed to uphold the U.S. Constitution and still hold true to the oath today. I am a ssupporter of the 2nd amendment and I am not in support of the NYS SAFE Act.

Presently an employee with Monroe County Water Authority in the engineering department overseeing and coordinating contracts that often run into multiple millions of dollars.

I will not create artificial "issues" for political gain. I will support property owners rights within zoning regulations. I will work to promote the Town on all levels, housing development, commercial development, recreational development, each where appropriate. I will work to maintain the character of the Town. I will work for the residents. I will work for you. 


Contact Information:

Office Phone Number: (585) 964-8981
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