Lakeshore Sewer District

Lakeshore Sewer District

Lakeshore #1 sewer update

Posted November 10th, 2022

The Town and our Engineers had a meeting with the contractors for the Lakeshore Sewer District #1 on November 8, 2022 Election day. Everything is moving forward and the contractors are hoping to break ground in January. The Engineers will be sending notices out by mail to everyone shortly. We will keep you informed of future developments.

Posted October 2022

Sorry for this late notice. The Town has been working on its new website.

The Town Board passed the Resolution to award the sewer bids to the contractors. They have started to order the material needed. Hopefully, they will be able to start construction later this year. We will have a pre-construction meeting with the contractors as soon as material starts coming in. More information will be available at that time. Thank you.

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