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Posted May 22, 2023

The Lakeshore sewer line in Hamlin is moving along well. The main line on 260 is all in. We are waiting on parts for a pump and generator to finish. The pipe along the Lakefront is doing well also. There are over 200 grinder pumps out of 296 installed already. Topsoil is being hauled in and restoration work is starting. 

People have asked when they can hook up to the system. Electricity can not be hooked up until the pump manufacturers come out and tests them. The pipe can not be switched over until the system is operational. The Town and MRB are working on a new guidance handout that explains grinder pump usage to give to residents. Please call MRB 585-381-9250 or the Town 585-964-2421 with any concerns. We will try to keep you updated. 

Thank you for your patience.

Supervisor Steve Baase


A message from Emilio Moran updated Feb. 21, 2022I wanted to send this out to everyone because we have all been getting questions from residents, and many are the same.  Hopefully these notes help field any questions, and help us provide consistent answers to residents.

  • The contractor has begun work, and is installing sewer main.
  • Grinder pumps will start being installed once the sewer main is nearing completion / ready for activation.  (we have been trying not to quote any dates, but expect mid spring for the first pumps)
  • It is not too late to sign the easement for a grinder pump, or adjust its location.  Residents should reach out to me or JP to get new easement copies, or make changes to the grinder pump proposed location.  We prefer emails at
    • If a homeowner wishes to opt out of the project, please let us know and we will record it on our tracking sheet.  We want to minimize unknowns for properties.
  • Each grinder pump will come with a control panel.  Most will be mounted on the sides of houses, but some may need to be post mounted.  The homeowner will have their electric hooked to the control box.  The grinder pump will require a 220V/30A connection. 240 volt preferred.
  • Each grinder will be installed with a 4” pipe stub w/ gasketed bell end.  This is where the homeowner’s plumbing will connect to.
  • We recommend Homeowners have the electrical work completed first, then the plumbing switchover to minimize downtime without a septic system.
  • Each control panel will have a generator hookup, with automatic switch.  This can be used in emergency to power the pump via generator.

If anyone has any additional comments or commonly fielded questions to add please feel free to reply.

Thank you.

Emilio Moran

Civil Engineer III

d: 585.340.3665

m: 323.804.8879

Lakeshore #1 Sewer Update Jan. 19, 2023

 January 19, 2023

We just had a meeting with MRB and the contractors for the sewer line. Villager Construction has fused many sections of pipe together and is beginning to bury the main line starting at the west end of Newco Drive. They said within a week they will be sending letters to homeowners about pump location. A line has also been pulled under the parkway at 260. The other contractor, Rochester Pipeline, will be here the second week of February starting the piping job on Walker Lake Ontario Rd. We will have more updates as they come in.


Steve Baase

Lakeshore #1 sewer update

Posted November 10th, 2022

The Town and our Engineers had a meeting with the contractors for the Lakeshore Sewer District #1 on November 8, 2022 Election day. Everything is moving forward and the contractors are hoping to break ground in January. The Engineers will be sending notices out by mail to everyone shortly. We will keep you informed of future developments.

Posted October 2022

Sorry for this late notice. The Town has been working on its new website.

The Town Board passed the Resolution to award the sewer bids to the contractors. They have started to order the material needed. Hopefully, they will be able to start construction later this year. We will have a pre-construction meeting with the contractors as soon as material starts coming in. More information will be available at that time. Thank you.

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