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Patty Jo Groenendaal

Town Clerk

1658 Lake Road, Hamlin, NY 14464
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Colleen Flaherty

Deputy Town Clerk

1658 Lake Road, Hamlin, NY 14464
  (585) 964-2421 opt 1
  (585) 964-8962


Office Hours

8:00am – 6:00pm

Tuesday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm

Special appointments can
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Services, Licenses and Permits

The following sections contain important information about the services provided by The Town of Hamlin. (Click the plus sign (+) to open a section. Click the minus sign (-) to close a section):

Freedom of Information Law

The Freedom of Information Law provides rights of access to records reflective of governmental decisions and policies that affect the lives of every New Yorker. However an agency does not have to create a new document in order to provide the individual the requested information.

A Records Access application is filled out by the individual requesting the information. If possible you should supply dates, titles, file designations, or any other information that will help find requested records.

Within 5 business days of the receipt of a written request for a record reasonably described, the agency must make the record available, deny access in writing giving the reasons for denial, or furnish a written acknowledgement of receipt of the request and a statement if the approximate date when the request will be granted or denied.

adobe, pdf, application-24943.jpg  Records-Access-Application-FOIL (211 KB)


Copies – $.25 per page

A fee for copy of other records may be charged based upon the actual cost of reproduction.

Any dog age 4 months or older must have a license. The dog owner must provide proof of rabies and proof of altering, (spayed or neutered), if applicable. There is a limit of 3 dogs per household. Senior discount at age 60.

Dog Licenses –

Spay/Neuter $9.00

Senior Discount Spay/Neuter $4.00

Non-Spay/Neuter $17.00

Senior Discount Non-Spay/Neuter- $12.00

At the January 11, 2021 Hamlin Town Board meeting, the Town Board adopted accruing late fees of $5.00 each month for dog licenses that are not renewed within 30 days of their annual renewal date.

The purpose of the late fees is to encourage timely renewals. Dog Licensing helps ensure that dogs are vaccinated against rabies. The Town of Hamlin considers rabies to be a serious public health issue. The late fee on dog licenses is another tool to ensure that dogs are vaccinated and that vaccinations are kept current.

Online Dog Licensing

Any person 16 years or older must obtain a fishing license. A New York State driver’s license is needed to prove residency. Licenses are valid from October 1 through September 30.

License year – October 1 through September 30

Training required

  • Hunting – small game, big game, muzzleloading requires a previous hunting license or hunter education certificate.
  • Trapping – trapping or junior trapping requires a previous trapping license or trapper education certificate.
  • Bowhunting – bowhunting or junior archery requires both hunting (see above) and bowhunting training

Residency Requirements

  1. New York State residents are entitled to combination, junior trapping, senior, or individual resident licenses.
  2. Non-residents can purchase only non-resident licenses, except for junior archery and junior hunting licenses.
  3. Junior archery and junior hunting provide the same priviledge at same price to both residents and non-residents.

Age: If applicants are under 18 years of age, written consent of both parents is necessary. If either applicant is 14 or 15 years of age they must present written consent from a justice of the Supreme Court or Family Court having jurisdiction over the town or city in which the application is made.

If both applicants are 18 years of age or older, no consent is required.

Documents needed:

Proof of Age – birth certificate, baptismal record, Naturalization record or Census record may be used as proof of age.

Photo ID – Driver’s License, Passport, Employment Picture ID or Immigration Record

Previous marriage documents – Any and all previous marriage divorce decree or other dissolution documents

License Fees and Requirements

  • 24 hour waiting period
  • License is valid for 60 days beginning the day after it is issued
  • Fee: $40.00

Application form is available at the Town Clerk’s Office, NYS Department of Motor Vehicles or physician’s office. This form must be filled out by the physician and his signature must appear on the application. Length of time the permit is needed is also provided by the physician.

An applicant can obtain a temporary or permanent parking permit as indicated by the physician. No fee is involved. One permit is issued per person.

Upon application you will need to produce a drivers license.

Extra Services Provided

  • Duck Stamps
  • Postal Stamps
  • Faxing, copying, and certified copies
  • Suburban Disposal blue trash bags available
  • Historian soft cover books, maps, and postcards available
  • Notary Public

Online Forms and Applications

By choosing your Hamlin Town Clerk’s Office to process your passport the agent fee is revenue that stays within the Town of Hamlin. We can also take your picture for $10.00. For more information call 964-2421.

Monroe County On-Line

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Town and County Taxes Information


Passport books and cards. Passport photographs available.
Regular and expedited service. Please call 964-2421.

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Town Board Meeting Minutes

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