What to Expect / Estimated Timeline

Obtained new photos of all properties in Hamlin. Updated Data to ensure improvements were correct

Analyzed and tested all valuation data

Residents will receive New Assessment Notices

Informal Review process **

Board of Assessment Review hearings begin ***

Residents receive determinations from their Board of Assessment Review Hearing

2024 Final Assessment Roll is Filed

Sales Books are available at the Assessor’s office to review for comparisons

** Informal Review Process

Please call the Assessors office when you receive your new assessment notice, if you believe the value not to be accurate, and make an appointment to review with the Assessor.  Please bring all documentation with you as to why you feel it is inaccurate. You can bring any of the following: Photos, A recent appraisal, A market analysis from a realtor.

*** Board of Assessment Review Process

Please fill out the attached form and bring all supporting documentation to the Assessor’s office by May 28, 2024 to schedule an appointment with the Board. You may also call to schedule an appointment but will have to provide form and documentation prior to your appointment.