Governor Cuomo Announces $43 Million for Monroe County

I am very pleased to announce that the Town of Hamlin will receive $8.3 million from the Governor’s REDI program. The hours and hours of meetings and phone calls have been sucessful in securing this very important funding for Hamlin. I am very happy to have accomplished this for the residents of the shoreline. This is the silver lining to the dark cloud.

$7.9 million is for a sewer system that will include the entire lakefront from the State Park east to Townline Rd. providing public health protection, economic benifits in terms of property values and enhances water quality at our shoreline.

$400,000 is for barrier bar installation at the terminus of Townline Rd to help maintain access, protect from wave action and enhance public safety for roads in 2 towns.

Informational meetings, timelines, and other details will be coveyed shortly as the projects come together.

Eric Peters
Town Supervisor