Update on the Lakeshore Sewer District # 1 Between Newco Drive and West Wautoma


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Update on the Lakeshore Sewer District #1 between Newco Drive and West Wautoma.

The bids for labor and material came in last Thursday on 7/7/22. After putting as many figures as we have right now together the numbers were $221,000 higher than what the overall project cost was. With all of the increases in material and labor, this was a better price than anticipated. The Town now has to figure out financing for the extra amount. The Town is pursuing the option to help monetarily with part of this increase and have the lakeshore residents pay for the rest. I am trying to meet this week with the attorney, engineer, and the bond company, to put some figures together. The Town will then call a public hearing to bring this before the public. This is the most up-to-date information we have right now and will update you when there is more.

Town of Hamlin Supervisor

Steven Baase